Friday, September 18, 2009

Milt Kahl: Roger from 101 Dalmations


Roger from 101 Dalmatians animated by Milt Kahl. There is another layer that would normally be in this shot of an excited Pongo. Thanks to David N for the donation!


King M. Mugabi said...


Bkeeper said...

...your blog ROCKS man! I never knew something like this was possible!...thanks for sharing!

Daniel Poeira said...

Kudos for the blog, I'm really enjoying it.

Bec said...

fantastic! one of my favourite characters

Yavuz said...

man this blog rules!!!

jemanjiman said...

Man, the way he slips his arms into the sleeves just blows me away; gotta love Milt Kahl's work! hehe Thanks so much for this amazing blog!!

Richard said...

Gorgeous!! A beautifully underplayed scene from the master, done so well it reads as completely natural. The three attempts to get the right hand into the sleeve is brilliant, it totally sells that Roger is focused on something else.
Thanks for sharing

Stephany said...

Aw this is such a treat! I love watching the hips! My favorite Disney movie!

qamar said...

this is beautiful! simple things like him trying to get his arm into the coat sleeve would be overlooked by most people...but its what gives the animation life!


Sketchees said...

Man.. as much as I admire their ability, I'm not a big fan of such realistic animation.

I LOVED 101 Dalmations, but mostly cause of its design. Don't get me wrong, i'd rather see this than ultra-limited animation. But this just reminds me live action too much(*which they probably used for reference at Disney)

Again, not a put down. Animating realisticly is defenitely an art.


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