Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Glen Keane rough Sarah and Young Jim Hawkins #2: Treasure Planet


Another treasure from Glen Keane. Very subtle acting and good attention to detail in the child's emotions and facial expressions. Thanks for the donation!


Bobby Pontillas said...


*punches the air

Owen Williams said...

Just amazing...

Visedo said...

Great great amazingly awesome Glen Keane!!! Sweet shot this one.

I've just discovered this blog and it rocks. Congratulations! Excellent work recollecting pencil tests and useful stuff for us animators. This is a sure link in my blog.

Douglas Ferreira said...

Fantastic!I didn't it was Glenn's!
thanks for sharing!

Sam Lotfi said...

AAAAAAAAAAAH! This BLOG is AWESOME! GIMME MORE! GLEN KEANE is the BEST animator in the WORLD!!! Its frustrating & inspiring how GOOD he is! Keep up the great work & more Glen Keane stuff if its possible! Thanks.

David McBride said...

This is beautiful!!! Great blog. Keep them coming.

Danette Marie said...

I love it! Glen Keane is an animation god.

John 'Roc' Upchurch said...

greatest blog ever

Jett said...

ACK! It says the video isn't available!

I love this blog by the way...thanks for putting it up!

Raul said...

Holy smokes! I assisted Glen on these scenes! I rough inbetweened the entire scene! WOW! I shot these!! I never thought I'd see them again! Not in pencil test form. Thank you so much for posting these!

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