Thursday, September 10, 2009

Milt Kahl: George from the Aristocats (update with Sher Kahn)


This is a test from Aristocats. You can really feel the character is old but still tries to get around the way he used to. Great character and entertaining choices!


found this test and just attached it here instead of making a new post. Your player is fine...that is just jumping to another frame..either that or it was shot with some frames missing


Dead End said...

This is a fantastic idea for a site!! Thanks so much for doing this.

But would it be possible to post these as quicktime vids? That'd make it possible for all us animation students to frame step through the videos and learn from them.

Jamaal Bradley said...

maybe at some point I can convert files so that they can be stepped through. At the moment..I am just able to post files quickly and still be able to handle my work obligations and other personal projects. I know... everyone prob wants to step through them...better yet..roll the pages!

agnes said...

Great great blog, so much delicious inspiration. Thanks for sharing! :)

Omar said...

This is such a great resource, thanks alot!

But I would like to recommend putting categories you know,before you have too many posts. You could go by animator, that would be cool to just click milt and see all his work

Jamaal Bradley said...

great suggestion omar!

黃立行Paul said...

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