Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pencil Test Depot (quicktime requests)

I have noticed that many people have asked for the clips to be placed in quicktime format. In an effort to respect my colleagues and the animators on the site, I would want to leave the mass distribution of work up to the people who have created the animation. Some of these clips are on Youtube as well as other sites, so they are able to be viewed there for frame by framing. I want everyone to understand that I know that you want to study the work bit by bit, but I think if I make the files downloadable without the consent of the artists, the depot will lose a lot of potential donations as well as respect. I think the community has been supportive because the work is not being passed out widely over the net. WHAT I WILL DO IS...I will ask for downloadable donations from the artists that I know and this will give us the best of both worlds! Lets keep our fingers crossed that this will come to light. If so I will set up an ftp where you can grab the clips easily. I appreciate the donations and we will continue to show the respect and appreciation for the animators that are posted on this site. I hope that everyone understands and can continue to enjoy the work here.

I appreciate everyone who visits the site and I will do my best to make it as enjoyable as I can.