Thursday, November 12, 2009

more of Emperor's New Groove: Pencil Tests

Nik Ranieri: Lead Animator on Kuzco

Tony Bancroft: Lead Animator on Kronk

Dale Baer: Lead Animator on Yzma

these are some grabs from the 'web'. One of the supporters pointed me to these a bit ago and I am sure we have all seen these. I wish they were a bit clearer but they still show a nice bit of work. Sorry for the lag between posts I will have more to come shortly.


Adam Knight said...

Even thought the quality isn't the best, these are still some great pencil tests. I love seeing all of the overlapping action going on.

mattanimation said...

heaven sent! I love these, thanks~! I liked seeing the other versions of the emperor they were working with.

MaliCat said...

ah! The Emperor's New Groove is one of my favorite movies. These are great, it's always so fascinating to see the raw animation before they added the colors and effects.
And I agree with matt-- the earlier Cuzcos were interesting to see. I didn't realize they did animation tests before deciding on a design for a character, but it does make sense!
Thanks for posting these, they're a real treat.

Joel Brinkerhoff said...

Even knowing how much work and constant refining it takes, it's still magic seeing drawing move like this to me. Bravo, I believe these are living thinking beings.

Dave said...

Tag 'em : Nik Ranieri (Kuzco) , Tony Bancroft (Kronk), Dale Baer (Yzma).

R.Dress said...

Oh man watching this stuff makes me realize that I've got a long way to go to get this good. I have a copy of this film on DVD and probably watched it a few dozen times. Thanks for posting these most excellent pencil tests. Traditional Animation Rules!!!!

Jamaal Bradley said...

yeah Dave.. I was trying to think how to link them to the work without offending the other animators that worked on the characters. I will just link them as the leads under the vids!

Dave said...

I think the way you tagged the Pacha pencil tests worked: "Bruce Smith and Team" .

So Nik Ranieri and Team : Kuzco , etc.

prashant said...

I love seeing all of the overlapping action going on.

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