Thursday, September 23, 2010

Funnypages Productions: Tom Bancroft & Rob Corley

Hey guys,

So I was over at Cartoon Brew and came across a post in the comments section by Tom Bancroft. I have heard his and his brother Tony's name, floating around when I was working in Georgia but never saw his work. Tom gladly forwarded me his company reel which has a great body of pencil tests that are sure to please. The large body of pencil tests start around 1:10.

Tom Bancroft and Rob Corley are former Disney animators who have formed a company called Funnypages Productions located in Franklin, TN. (click the name and visit their site!). They specialize in all aspects of animation and have a proven track record. Thanks Tom and Rob for allowing us to post your work at the Pencil Test Depot.



vitalik shu said...

great post!!!!!! thank you so much)))))

Joel Brinkerhoff said...

Great stuff. You know the c.g. test for Rodger Rabbit #2 is floating around on the net. It looks like they did a good job of rotoscoping the pencil test on this reel.

Lauren Rasmussen said...

I had the pleasure of meeting Rob and Tom a couple years ago, visiting their studio with a friend. And two more talented, patient people cannot be found! (patient, especially with us fangirl-ish animation students) :)

Kim said...

Congrats on having their own studio.