Saturday, September 4, 2010

Bruce Ferriz....long time coming!

Bruce is an old colleague of mine and he gave me a copy of his reel a looooong time ago and I couldn't find it. Today was a good day because I came across it going through some old DVD cases. Bruce is a great animator and he was responsible for one of my favorite scenes in Prince of Egypt (when Ramses son dies, Bruce animated Moses breaking down in the corridor). His work on Spirit was also a great example of adding character to an animal and keeping the shapes solid and believable. Some of the tests are hard to see because of the record, but I hope you can make out the motion at least. I hope you enjoy these few clips.

change the view option to 720p


Luis María Benítez said...

At the end, the yacht, the guy throwing punches and kicking... just incredible stuff!

Jamaal Bradley said...

crazy right. That was his student work.

Haylee said...

Wow, this is immense work! Where is Bruce now?

Anonymous said...


Pawel Swierczynski said...

This is brilliant! Thanks for sharing!

Jamaal Bradley said...

Bruce works at a game studio in Santa Monica. I met Bruce while we were working on a game cinematic at EA. He is partly responsible for me changing some of my animation technique in 3D at the time. During that period I noticed Bruce would pose the character on every frame then spread his keys accordingly (this was is in Maya). The thing that stuck out to me was how refined his character poses were. It really struck a cord with how I HAD to really make each drawing count in 2D the same has to apply with 3D.

-that last sentence kind of touches on why I made the Pencil Test Depot-

Daniel Caylor said...

This is incredible work. It's amazing how many unsung talents there are in this industry. This guy should have a massive online following. Thanks for sharing Jamaal.

Cristin McKee said...

Wow! Thanks so much for posting this on Youtube. The Spirit stuff is especially inspiring, on model, moves like a horse, yet full of life and personality.

Moonito said...


Anonymous said...

Hey man, this is Anon 16 from that other post.

Just wanted to say I was being a dick. Sorry. I was being totally hypocritical and a troll.

Keep rockin the keys.

-Anon 16

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