Saturday, April 3, 2010

WHOA..our first Warner Brothers Tests!!

So these are some links that were sent to me. I have seen these before but not on youtube. Someone finally got them on the web and I am happy to post them here. I love the way Bugs walks away from Sam while standing next to him in the tuxedo. Great bit of character. Thanks for the links Patrick!

Virgil Ross

Ken Harris


Joel Brinkerhoff said...

Beautiful stuff! These guys were amazing and made it look so easy. I forget I'm looking at drawings. Thanks for posting them.

Herman G said...

Now were cookin..

Matt J said...

Ha! Bugs' walk off is hilarious yes! Thanks for posting-marvellous stuff.

Mike Moloney said...

haha awesome!!! hilarious animation, i love the timing and how they pop into poses

DKachkovski said...

O man! THIS IS GOLD! Thank you so much! Really, just cannot tell you how awesome this is! You just made my day!

SikArtist said...

I got turned on to your blog through ASIFA and I'm so happy I did. This site is great! I really like what your doing here and I'm looking forward to your next postings.

the plummer said...

haha, love the notes all over the frames. I don't think I've, sadly, ever seen pencil tests from WB work like this...I'm glad I have now!

Creating Survey said...

I Love this work !!!
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Anonymous said...

As animation is really fun. I keep on returning and checking on this site. Keep your posts coming.
Roland Saunn

Drew Dane said...

It seems to be the real thing. This being a test-film, as a whole, this is fascinating. Thanks for the adorable post you have here.
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