Friday, January 22, 2010

Sorry for the Lack of Posts

hey everyone... sorry that I have not been posting a lot lately, but I have been pretty swamped at work. I will be sure to add some goodies this weekend.

all the best


FerGil said...

One good thing about pencil tests... you don't need a dozen every day. You actually have to go back and see each one a million times, to try to learn what made it so awesome.

So don't worry if it takes time to post, we have lots of pencil tests to watch in the mean time...

Anonymous said...

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the plummer said...

ya no worries! I know how being swamped feels like and it sucks...but we have all these other PTs here to gaze at!

Brad Teare said...

I want to do animation in a scratchboard style. Any suggestions on what software to use?

Jamaal Bradley said...

I appreciate everyone understanding. I have a lot of people that want to donate stuff but it seems that people have their work on VHS and converting takes some extra time. As far as scratchboard anim you can probably use Flipbook and attach peg strips to your scratchboard and shoot away!

ZADA said...

Ah, no worries! We're just grateful that you post pencil tests! I always get goosebumps when I watch these. Thank you for creating this blog.

Anonymous said...

Take your time with the pencil tests, the ones that are up are plenty to look at!

I bet Disney is keeping you pretty busy! Im hoping to get a job there once i graduate from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, i need to have my portfolio at an incredible level. Although, id even start as a personal assistant, hah i just want to contribute to the company!

Keep working hard and bringing 2d back to the public!