Saturday, January 2, 2010

"The Big Story" by Tim Watts and David Stoten

Another donation. This is pretty cool, the directors of this short worked out the idea in 2D before creating the piece in stop motion. Its not completely unheard of but it shows a nice level of dedication to both crafts. It probably saved a lot of work when going to create the stop motion version. Thanks for the links and please enjoy!


here is the stop motion version: The Big Story


Lyle Nagy said...

WOW! that was so good. and I love that everyone seems to look like Kirk Douglas!

Great post, Thanks guys at Pencil Depot, and Tim Watts and David Stoten!

dapOOn said...

brilliant brilliant brilliant!! i love seeing such inspiring pencil tests! cant help wondering how a pencil and paper can create such believable performances! hats off!!

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the plummer said...

ahhhh i remember this stop-mo piece! I LOVED it but forgot all about it...can't believe there was such a full PT that came before it! what an awesome treat.

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