Sunday, November 25, 2012

Noctura Pencil Tests: Gifted to us from Uriel Mimran

More beautiful work from Nocturna.  I have probably seen most of the movie in Pencil Test at this point. Hopefully I can get my hands on a copy at some point.  Several animators worked on these sequences

Thanks Uriel


Internetiturundus said...

Very nice video, really good job! Thank you for sharing them!

Interesting Essay Topics said...

You have done splendid job indeed as the video is simply amazing...I have always been an admirer of the way you work...Simply adorable!!

Ethan Dean said...

Thanks for posting these Jamaal. Great resources!

Matthew said...

These are fabulous, as was the movie. But I have a question was there ever an English language release of this movie? I've seen trailers and test like these with an English track, but only ever seen the film in Spanish.

Maria said...

One of my teachers was animator in Nocturna!

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