Friday, October 14, 2011

PTD EXCLUSIVE!: Kristof Serrand... all next week!

Hey Guys,

So I have the pleasure of working with many people that I have admired as animators for a long time. Kristof Serrand is not new to me because I knew of his work very well (as will some of you once you see).  I owe a giant thank you to Rune Bennicke for mentioning my love of animation and the site to Kristof.  If you have not seen his work you are in for a real treat.  He has been animating professionally since 1981, teaching at Gobelins since 1986, and has been an asset to Dreamworks since 1995.  He is a master animator with a technical prowess that will amaze you.  The animation that you will see from Kristof will enlighten, inspire, motivate, and bring a smile to your face.... I promise. 

Kristof has allowed me to showcase many pieces of his work on the Pencil Test Depot and I am excited to share his beautiful work with all of you.  Here is just one of the clips that I will be posting.  (below is a link to interview with Kristof for How to Train Your Dragon).