Sunday, January 9, 2011

Living Lines Library...and the torch gets passed...

Péter Nagy's new website the Living Lines Library. He has compiled pencil tests, model sheets, and other things hand drawn related and placed him on an organized site for your enjoyment. The way things are laid out here you can easily find what you are looking for. I would have love to devote that much time to build the site up even more, but it is what it is... everything can be improved upon. I liked what he has done and you should swing by and check it out!

2011 "...on to the next one..." stay tuned

Thanks for all the support that you have given to the Pencil Test Depot...... I will see you around the web & in the animation studio.

Pencil Test Depot will still live inside of iAnimate .



Brian Churilla said...

Wait, so that means you're not doing it anymore? That's a huge disappointment. I hope you reconsider.

Nagy Péter said...

I also hope so, that your last post may not be a farewell text.
I did not create Livlily to force you to quit, because if you are planning to dismiss, some people might be cross with me. :)
Livlily has only a container-function, and it has not got such a personality, which is added to your comments. I saw, that you begone upload to vimeo invaluable, inaccessible animations, which are also irreparable. You have an other and original viewpoint. I would be sad, if you discontinue, Jamaal.

a fervent reader said...

That new website is great as a reference database but it also feels really dry in its presentation, in comparison!
I really like your approach with a blog form, giving the wandering animator its daily fix of new inspiring linetests! The unsorted instant access makes people discover films they wouldn't look up otherwise, and gives a really
Just like there are many animation news blog, diversity makes it alive!
I'd be really sad if that website didn't get updates anymore. I hope you keep it going!

a forgetful fervent reader said...

and gives a really ... enjoyable and inspiring experience to the reader, is what I meant to add in here!

Tomps said...

As a french animator, I'm really sorry to see this last post, because I just discovered this website and it's amazing. I just wish you reconsider as well, but if you don't please don't close what you've already done :)

Kelseigh said...

I confess I'm a bit puzzled by this iAnimate thing. I checked the site out, and there doesn't seem to be any reference to PTD or pencil tests at all. Rather, it seems to be a professional site selling animation courses. Is PTD going to become something that requires a membership to access?

Daniel Gonzales said...

NO WAAAAY. i am also very sorry to hear if this was the last post of this blog. very very disappointed and sad. As a 2D animator still animating at home on the side.. this sight was an inspiration