Thursday, August 19, 2010

No More Illusionist on the Depot... for now...maybe..

So I am on vacation and I recieved my first email telling me to remove something from the Pencil Test Depot.  We were contacted by the Producer of the movie who asked me to take down the work.  I put the disclaimer on the front of the site stating that we will take down the work of anyone who feels that it should not be up there.  It was a pretty nice letter with not threats made, but I figured by now studios would realize that a lot of people that post things are giving great exposure to some amazing work. If anyone else feels that their work should be removed feel free to contact me.  

I want to apologize to everyone for this minor pinch on the site and I appreciate the ongoing support.  I will be posting new tests as soon as possible

"keep animating"



Marcos said...

You should leave the post and replace the video with a "removed" image or something, as to not break links from other websites. It's just good practice. Thanks for the site!

Jamaal Bradley said...

Your right Marcos. I am on vacation at that moment and just wanted to get it off as to not let it linger and allow lawyers to start sending me nasty emails. Doing all of this from an iPhone

Phil Willis said...

That's a shame.

I was really enjoying seeing the pencil tests for The Illusionist.

Of all the animation blogs I follow - yours had probably done the most to promote the film.

Not to worry.

Keep up the good work and keep the inspiration flowing.


David said...

You know i gotta jump on the "inspired" bandwagon here. I didn't even know much about the Illusionist until seeing it on here! Now I definitely want to see it! So maybe you can pass on word "hey maybe this could be good for marketing" later on when you're back from vacation. Real good marketing - at least it worked on me :D

Jamaal Bradley said...

I appreciate the support guys. There are a lot of good pencil tests out there and I am going to showcase them as they come in. The old guys don't understand the web and viral marketing. Free exposure has been proven to boost attention. Companies even "leak" their own work... in attempt to let the fans/customers feel like they beat the system and gained access to a prized possession.

You have to change with the times.. EVOLVE

Anonymous said...

It is understandable. All of the artists at django signed an agreement never to disclose any work from the film. However the producer, Bob Last, extends this clause to personal demoreels which mean we are 'legally' never aloud to show or even own our work.

A clear lack of insight toward to animation industry in my opinion.

Dave said...

So if the animators can't use the rough pencil tests on a demo reel to show what they did on the film then basically it's as if they never worked on the film ? They've got nothing to document their work ? That's ridiculous.

I can understand the producers of "The Illusionist" wanting to be secretive and not let any material out ahead of time until the film was finished and released, but it has been released now. No harm is done to the film in showing pencil tests of the animation. (in fact as many have pointed out it probably helps the film to increase the level of interest . The brilliant pencil test footage we've seen from "The Illusionist" has been a definite incentive to want to see the rest of the film ... )

You're, right Jamalal, the old out of touch producers (like Bob Last ? ) who don't have a handle on modern web /viral marketing are kind of sad to behold (shooting themselves in the foot) . They're going to be left behind.

Jamaal Bradley said...

I dont know if it is being out of touch, but most people want to keep their jobs and to do must conform to others wishes.. most people

G1toons said...

hey just read your post on your other blog, about positive and negative, I hope the movie does well also, we need animated movies to do well, just to keep films being made, and it looks great, i was over there on the inspire days and was hanging out with malcon and chad, I cant wait for the movie to come out

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