Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bruce Smith on Creating Dr Facilier

Bruce Smith is on of my favorite animators and having access to him is one of the giant bonuses of working at Disney. I found this clip where he discusses how he came up with the look and movement for the villain of Princess and the Frog; Dr Facilier. This is not a pencil test, but I thought it fit in very nicely to the site. We all love animation and the skill it takes to create it, so hearing a little more insight always inspires those of us who are animators, aspiring animators, and people love it in general.



Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting! Always inspiring to get a glimpse of the Animation-passion at Disney :)

Jeff Cook said...

Thank you for posting this clip. It definitely compliments the rest of the work showcased on your site.

We don't always hear enough from the animators about the decisions that go into creating characters and bringing them to life.

Phil Willis said...

Nice one!

Brilliant to see some of the thinking behind creating the characters, as well as the construction of the drawing itself.


jamesB said...

the animators geek think always about old great characters from classical animation.....its the reason why the brillant bruce smith seems to animate like a guy from the seventees.... please to all these talented guy :"stop to think in the past try to be more creatif...take some risk....perhaps it will be good to do some travel in another country to regenerate your creativity...i m a very big fan about the 2 d animation we need more artist than technical or fangeek...

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Anonymous said...

Great insight!

Love it!

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