Sunday, March 28, 2010

Translation???...作画の夕べ :


I am a fan of animation.! I enjoy looking at all types of work. Anime is no exception. There are many Japanese animated movies in my collection and I really appreciate their control of the human form, cinematography, mech animation, and storytelling. Someone sent me this link and I really enjoyed watching the small tease of process in this clip. If anyone has some really nice Japanese pencil tests.... send them over!



Climactic Battle said...

The anime its from is called Xam'd: Lost Memories if anyone is interested.

Anonymous said...

It would be a treat to see some tests from ghibli and studio 4c if anyone has some

Marcel O'Leary said...

Here are a couple of amazing looking tests from catsuka:

The first is from an anime series out...last year? The action sequences are really nicely done in the clips. The second link is to pencil tests from Akira, so it's suitably impressive :) Haven't watched it all yet though!

Anonymous said...

thank you marcel!

Jeremy said...

The romanji for 作画の夕べ is sakuga no yuube which translates roughly to animation of twilight.

Zeitwolf said...

Xamd was such a great anime! Thanks for posting this!

jho said...

From Dennou Coil

Khoi Mai said...

NICE, I've never seen any anime pencil tests before so this was a real treat! MORE ANIME!

Anonymous said...

"Sakuga no yuube" means 'twilight of animation', the other way around. It can also be translated as 'evening of drawing'.

Kwesi K. said...

They posted these on the website for the show. They also did the same thing for Gurren Lagann, I believe.

Kwesi K. said...

Here they are...

Kwesi K. said...

And here's the page for Gunbuster 2. Each link appears to have the key poses scanned in and a link to a Flash SWF of them in action at the bottom of that page.

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